Monarch Token Airdrop Rules

Monarch Token Airdrop’s going to offer up to 100 MTP tokens (~$ 10).

Share your referral link to earn 20 MTP tokens (~$ 2) for each referral friend.

Monarch Token Free Airdrop

What is Monarch Token?

There are a lot of barriers for new investors getting involved with the current crypto space. For instance, turning cryptocurrency into fiat cash can be a difficult process.

On average, it can take around 3-7 days before the bank institution accepts the change and turns it into cash.

Also, public and private keys can be easily stolen if misplaced or lost. And the multiple KYC processes and account setups make more entry barriers.

That’s where Monarch Token steps in.

Monarch token solves these problems by making a platform that allows users to link their bank account with Monarch so that they can buy, sell or trade cryptocurrency easier.

And the project plans to create a password generation tool that allows users to store their electronic public and private keys.

As the project matures, they plan on using Monarch to help pay for subscription services such as Netflix, utility bills, car payments, mortgage companies, etc.

All of these payments are made possible through one click on Monarch’s app.


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How to join Monarch Airdrop ?

  1. Talk with Monarch Telegram bot

  2. Follow instructions

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