Cryptutorials team is testing a new beta service for Cryptocurrency asset management in an automated way by testing the new technological platforms for automated trading.

Cryptocurrency Asset Management

This is just an experiment and we do to see if it can work as a business model and so far its been tested among our accounts and friends accounts with very good results

Services provided with Cryptocurrency Asset Management

  • We manage your Binance account (only Binance accounts supported at the momment)
  • We trade for you automatically through Binance API keys that you send us
  • You have to have some BNB (Binance coins) purchased and set the exchange fees to be in BNB, this has a discount of 25% on the fees in every trade
  • We do not focus on USD/EUR/YEN or any other FIAT currency earnings. The cryptocurrency fund management has one single goal: To increase your Bitcoin only!
  • Your expected profits according to our current strategy are between 5% – 20% per month. We cannot guarantee this in any way but this is what historical trades show us.
  • We ask you to give us a donation of 25% from your profits IF you have profits. So if you have 100$ profits it would be nice if you could give back 25$.
  • Minimum amount in Binance that should be deposited in the exchange is 100$ for the demo and 500$ to 1000$. For bigger amounts you should seek a professional financial advisor

Important Notes

  • We are not proffessional financial advisors, we are cryptocurrency and technology fans
  • We consult external financial advisors that provide us with Technical Analysis and buy signals from the experts
  • Don’t invest an amount you cannot affoard to lose
  • You don’t have to buy or pay for any platform. We use a combination of platforms and external signal providers.
  • Nothing is guaranteed in this Cryptocurrency Asset Management Service
  • Donation is asked from our team only if you have a profit
  • We provide 15 days trial for free and if you like our results then you can continue
  • We do this for Fun and educational purposes only
  • During the trial period you can put any amount in Binance for us to manage and you tell us how much is the maximum amount you want us to trade for you
  • The API key from Binance should not allow withdrawals, so we only buy/sell positions for you
  • Past results do not guarantee future results
  • We are not to be held liable for any losses
  • We are not responsible for any hacking on any of the platforms we use: Binance, Bitmex, Kucoin, Livecoin, 3commas, Zignally

What is our Cryptocurrency Asset Trading Strategy

  • Our primary strategy is to open lots of very small positions from your assets per day reaching quickly (from some hours to some days) to about 1% profit per trade
  • Our secondary strategy is to open BTC/ALTCOIN positions within Binance for Short Term / Medium Term profits with 2 or 3 take profit strategies
  • We open positions after our analysts have indicated a good signal through techniocal analysis, review of the Project (cryptocurrency coin) and examination of volume traded

Our results from Cryptocurrency Asset Management Service

Please check some screenshots for the accounts we manage:

Cryptocurrency Asset Management Results