Reavers is more than just an idle game at the core. Reavers was engineered with an overarching theme that is as simple as it gets.

Having fun.

We designed every single mechanic and element in our game in a way to maximise fun for as many people as possible. Whether you want to play for 5 minutes or 5 hours a day, we’ve designed an experience where everyone comes away with an amazing rush of dopamine.

Reavers was born from a passion for interactive and meaningful gaming experiences. We recognised a gap in the current gaming landscape for truly decentralised and community-driven games and we saw it as an opportunity given our skillset and pedigree.

The concept of Reavers was developed in mid-2022 by a team of individuals looking to change the gaming landscape on Solana.


  1. Earn our token and NFTs by playing the game.
  2. Level up your NFTs to boost their stats, enabling them to earn more.
  3. Engage in battles to advance to new sections of the game.
  4. Enjoy early access to drops and new features.
  5. Gain entry to exclusive channels in our Discord.