1) Cryptocurrency 101: You learn the basics on how to handle bitcoin/cryptocurrencies and security. In the end of the lesson you are ready to save cryptocurrency having full control of your own keys. You purchase bitcoin and put it in your wallet and you perform real cryptocurrency transactions.

2) Cryptocurrency Trading 201: We create your own accounts in 2 exchanges, you learn about the tools i use to identify some good investments and you learn how you can track your portfolio. In the end of the seminar you have transferred funds to exchange, you have performed 2 trades and you have the tools to do it your own according to your decisions or using signals and tools

3) Cryptocurrency Automated Trading 301: We create account to the best automated trading tool, we set it up and we explain the basics on automatic trading. Where to get advanced signals and how to trade correctly based on 3 amazing strategies. 1 passive for about 0,10%-0,20%/day + 2 active trading strategies.

Every course costs 300$ (lasts for 3-4 hours) and is done via zoom/skype and teamviewer as we work on your own computer.

100% satisfied customers.

Booking must me done 10 days ahead at least. All the lessons are done by me personally and we develop an ongoing relationship with my students.