Tidal Flats Studio has developed Fidelion, a post-apocalyptic brand IP and NFT series, which was launched on the Solana blockchain in late April 2023.

This is the second video I have published about the game where i show the gameplay:

  1. Claiming Loot
  2. Selling Loot for $2080
  3. How much you expect to profit from loots
  4. How to sell $2080
  5. How much you earn for every @FidelionNFT
  6. How to buy mercenaries and go looting

Tidal Flats Studio’s ambitious goal is to transform Fidelion into a dark fantasy multimedia empire, utilizing the combined capabilities of web2 and web3 within a unified IP.

The initial phase of Fidelion, Phase 1, was dedicated to establishing a solid community base, showcasing an engaging narrative through fidelion.io, and introducing a mobile gaming initiative at megaroad.io.

In Phase 2, the focus shifts to enhancing Fidelion’s intrinsic value and debuting a product that not only captivates existing users but also attracts the curiosity of potential new followers.

With each step forward, the future significance and influence of Fidelion seem more assured.

The strategy for launching Phase 2 was straightforward. Starting from September 1, new updates were announced every three days. We will explore each of these updates in detail.

Token Ecosystem The Fidelion project and Tidal Flats are supported by two tokens, $TIDE and $2080, both of which have been recently introduced.

$TIDE is the governance token, now listed on the CEX BingX. More details can be found in a separate article.

$2080 serves as the utility token, available for trading on Solana DEXes and with a Liquidity Pool on Orca.

These tokens work in tandem to ensure the project’s sustainability and to reward the community members. Further information about $2080 will be provided later in this article.